EC-C101.1 Title. These provisions shall be known as the Philadelphia Amendments to the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and will be referred to herein as the "Philadelphia Energy Conservation Code" or "this code".
EC-C101.2 Scope. The IECC Commercial Provisions of this code apply to commercial buildings and their sites, associated systems and equipment.
EC-C101.3 Intent. This code shall regulate the design and construction of buildings for the effective use and conservation of energy over the useful life of each building. This code is intended to provide flexibility to permit the use of innovative approaches and techniques to achieve this objective. This code is not intended to abridge safety, health or environmental requirements contained in other applicable codes or ordinances.
EC-C101.4 Applicability. Where, in any specific case, different Sections of this code specify different materials, methods of construction or other requirements, the most restrictive shall govern. Where there is a conflict between a general requirement and a specific requirement, the specific requirement shall govern.
   EC-C101.4.1 Mixed occupancy. Where a building includes both residential and commercial occupancies, each occupancy shall be separately considered and meet the applicable provisions of IECC – Commercial Provisions or IECC – Residential Provisions.
EC-C101.5 Compliance. Commercial buildings shall meet the provisions of the IECC – Commercial provisions. Residential buildings shall meet the provisions of IECC – Residential Provisions.
Exception: Detached one- and two-family dwellings and multiple single-family dwellings (townhouses) not more than three stories high with separate means of egress and their accessory structures shall comply with the Philadelphia Residential Code (Subcode R).
   EC-C101.5.1 Compliance materials. The code official shall be permitted to approve specific computer software, worksheets, compliance manuals and other similar materials that meet the intent of this code.
EC-C101.6 Administrative provisions. This Chapter contains those provisions that are unique to the administration of this code. All other administrative provisions applicable to this code are set forth in the Administrative Code.
EC-C101.7 Appendices. No appendices are adopted as a part of this code.
Delete Sections C103.3 through C103.5.
Delete Sections C107 through C109.