Delete Section 3302.3 and replace as follows:
B-3302.3 Fire safety during construction. Fire safety during construction shall comply with the applicable requirements of this code and the applicable provisions of the Philadelphia Fire Code.
Add Section B-3302.4 as follows:
B-3302.4 Hot work operations. Cutting, welding or brazing operations shall be in accordance with the requirements of the Philadelphia Fire Code.
Add Section B-3302.5 as follows:
B-3302.5 Abandoned and discontinued operations.
   B-3302.5.1 Barrier. If any construction or demolition operation is abandoned, discontinued or interrupted, a barrier meeting the requirements of Section 3306 shall be provided to protect the public from potential hazards on the site.
   B-3302.5.2 Filling and grading. When permits have expired and when no permits have been issued within 3 months of the cessation of excavation operations, the lot shall be filled and graded to eliminate all steep slopes, holes, obstructions or similar sources of hazard. Fill shall be free of organic material and construction debris. The final surface shall be graded in such a manner as to drain the lot, eliminate pockets in the fill, and prevent the accumulation of water without damaging any foundations on the premises or on adjoining property.