Add Sections B-2702.1.9 and B-2702.1.10 as follows:
   B-2702.1.9 Unit battery systems. Unit storage battery systems shall be installed in accordance with this Chapter and these regulations. Where such systems utilize spotlight type of distribution, the projected light shall be directed toward means of egress doorways. Units shall be located to distribute light over the entire floor area, reducing glare and sharp shadows to a minimum.
      1.   Battery charger: Units shall contain a charger capable of charging the battery at a high rate and also at a trickle rate. The high rate charge shall be capable of replacing the maximum charge taken out in a 90-minute discharge period within 12 hours. The unit shall be designed to provide for automatic high rate charging and restoration to trickle rate or shall be provided with a manually operated two-position switch to control the charging rate. After power failure or when the battery becomes discharged so that the unit cannot provide 90-minute illumination at the required intensity, the battery shall be charged at a high rate until it becomes fully charged at which time the charging rate shall be reduced to the trickle rate. No device that could render the charger ineffective shall be permitted.
      2.   Test switch: Units shall be equipped with a test switch mounted outside of the cabinet and connected to simulate a power failure to the unit.
      3.   Signals: Units shall be equipped with a visual signal to indicate when the battery is being charged at the high rate.
      4.   Wiring and mounting: Units and lamps connected remote from the units shall be permanently mounted and connected in an approved manner. Units shall be mounted so that they can be readily tested, inspected, and serviced and shall be maintained in satisfactory working condition. No switch shall be used to cut off the remote lamps.
      5.   Testing: Unit storage battery systems shall be tested at least monthly and a record of such tests shall be maintained and made available for inspection by the code official.
   B-2702.1.10 Gas generators. Generators employing natural gas as a fuel shall have the supply equipped with a separate shutoff valve. The valve shall be tagged "Emergency Power Supply – Not to be Shut Off During an Emergency".