§ 12-402.  School District – City Cooperation.
   (a)   The Superintendent shall, in conjunction with the several departments, commissions and boards of the City, devise methods and bases of cooperation and coordination to the maximum extent practicable between the City and the District relating to joint purchasing of supplies, equipment and contractual services, use of recreational and park equipment and facilities, control and prevention of juvenile delinquency, city planning, capital programming, capital budgeting, comprehensive development planning, health services and any other phase of the District's work. The Superintendent shall recommend for the Board's approval such agreements on these subjects with the City, as well as with other governmental or non-profit agencies, as will further the efficient and effective administration of the District.
   (b)   The Superintendent shall also, in conjunction with City procurement officials, regularly review all possibilities for more economic operation which could result from greater cooperation and coordination between the City and the District, and which are consistent with the needs of the school system.