§ 12-401.  Personnel Administration.
   (a)   Upon recommendation of the Superintendent the Board of Education shall have the authority to appoint and fix the compensation of deputy superintendents, associate superintendents, district superintendents, assistant district superintendents, director of departments responsible directly to the Superintendent or to any deputy superintendent, and such personal assistants as he deems consistent with the educational needs of the District.
   (b)   The Superintendent shall have the authority to assign and reassign all professional and classified employees of the District consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth.
   (c)   The Superintendent shall report annually to the Board:
      (1)   All assignments and reassignments of professional and classified employees made during the school year;
      (2)   All appointments of professional employees which were exempted from the personnel regulations of the Board, including the titles of the positions to which such assignments are made, the duties and responsibilities assigned, and the salaries and benefits received by the appointees; and
      (3)   On such other subjects as the Board may deem necessary or proper.