§ 12-308.  Personnel Policies.
   (a)   The Board of Education shall establish a table of organization setting forth a roster of positions for each principal administrative unit of the District and shall require the Superintendent of Schools to report monthly any changes made in the table.
   (b)   The Board shall adopt regulations based on merit principles and scientific methods governing all incidents of employment, including appointment, promotion, demotion, removal and discipline for all employees of the District except the following:
      (1)   Deputy Superintendents, associate superintendents, district superintendents, directors of departments responsible directly to the Superintendent or to any deputy superintendent, and such personal assistants as the Superintendent may require;
      (2)   Persons employed by contract to perform special services for the District where the Superintendent certifies that such services cannot be performed by District employees; and
      (3)   Persons temporarily appointed or designated to make or conduct a special inquiry or study, or to perform a special service of a unique character which cannot or should not be performed by regular District employees.
      (4)   In addition, the Superintendent of Schools may, with the consent of the Board, exempt not more than five per centum (5%) of the professional employees of the District.
   (c)   The personnel regulations adopted by the Board shall provide for the preparation, maintenance and revision of a position classification plan and of a pay plan for all employees, policies and procedures for recruitment, examinations, promotions, eligible lists and certifications, provisional and emergency appointments, suspension, discharge or reduction in rank, hours of work, holidays, leaves and vacations, employee hearings and such other matters as may be necessary or proper. Copies of the personnel regulations shall be available for public information and distribution at all times.
   (d)   The Board shall in its personnel regulations preserve and safeguard all rights of employment, status, and tenure of all employees of the School District which exist at the time of adoption of this Article, and of employees of any other governmental agency who may become employees of the School District by virtue of the operation of the provisions of this Article, consistent with law and the requirements of a fair and effective system of personnel administration.