§ 12-202.  Eligibility for Board Membership.
   Members of the Board of Education shall be residents of the City and meet any other applicable requirements of State law. No person shall be eligible to be appointed or elected to more than three full terms. Persons who are nominated or appointed to the Board of Education should reflect the diversity of backgrounds, experience and training that is representative of the City, including but not limited to: being the parent(s) of a current or former public school student(s); having training or experience in the areas of business, finance, education, public housing, or community affairs; or, having any other such training or expertise relevant and beneficial to the operations and management of the public school system. 181



   Amended by approval of the voters at the election held on May 15, 2018, and certified on June 4, 2018. See Bill No. 171109-A (approved March 23, 2018); Resolution No. 180112 (adopted March 8, 2018).