§ 8-408.  Meetings of Boards and Commissions.
   Every board and commission shall hold regular meetings at such times and places as it may by rule designate and in addition shall hold special meetings upon the call of its chairman or president at such times and places as he shall designate. At least three days' notice in writing shall be given of the time, place and purpose of all special meetings, unless such notice is waived in writing by all members. Except as otherwise specifically provided in this charter, a majority of the members of any board or commission shall constitute a quorum. All boards and commissions shall keep minutes of their proceedings.
   Sources:   The Administrative Code of 1929, Act of April 9, 1929, P.L. 177, Section 518.
   Purposes:   This section establishes minimum uniform requirements for all boards and commissions to follow in the holding of meetings so that all members will be apprised of the time and place of meetings, at least a majority of members will be required for business to be transacted, and a record will be kept of proceedings.