§ 8-401.  Coordination of Work.
   The several departments, boards and commissions shall devise a practical and working basis for cooperation and coordination of work, eliminating duplication and overlapping of functions, and shall so far as practicable cooperate with each other in the use of employees, land, buildings, quarters, facilities and equipment. The head of any department or any board or commission may empower or require an employee of another department, board or commission, subject to the consent of the head of such department or of such board or commission, to perform any duty which he or it might require of the employees of his or its department, board or commission. Whenever in this charter power is vested in a department, board or commission to inspect, examine, or secure data or information or to procure assistance from any other department, board or commission, a duty is hereby imposed upon the department, board or commission upon which demand is made to render such power effective.
   Sources:   The Administrative Code of 1929, Act of April 9, 1929, P.L. 177, Sections 501 and 502.
   Purposes:   1.   Cooperation among the various City agencies and the coordination of their work are necessary for the effective execution of their functions and to effect economies in the cost of their operations.
      2.   Occasions may frequently arise where economies may be effected by one agency using an employee of another agency on a temporary basis or where a specific task committed to a given agency may be more effectively performed by a particular employee of another agency. In such instances an employee of another agency may be empowered or required to perform such duties as an agency head could require of his own employee, if the head of the other agency consents to his employee's performing the task in question.
      3.   All agencies are required to furnish information or assistance to other agencies empowered to obtain such information or to request such assistance so that such powers, granted by this Charter, will not be frustrated by the denial of an obligation to comply.