§ 8-202. Procurement and Building Construction.
   Except as otherwise provided in this charter, it shall be unlawful for any department, board or commission of the City or for any officer, board, commission or other governmental agency whose purchases are paid for with funds from the City Treasury, to purchase or contract for any personal property or any printing, engraving or publication of any kind or character, or to enter into any contract for which competitive bidding is required, except through the Procurement Department.
   It shall likewise be unlawful for any such officer, department, board, commission or agency to contract for the services of a public utility company, or for bonds or insurance of any kind or description, or to subscribe to publications except through the Procurement Department, or to erect, remodel, alter or add to any building except through the Department of Public Property.
   This section shall not apply to the purchase of books, prints, manuscripts, curios and specialties for libraries and museums, and animal and plant-life for aquariums, zoological and horticultural gardens.
   Sources:   The Administrative Code of 1929, Act of April 9, 1929, P.L. 177, Sections 507 and 508, as amended, and 509.
   Purposes:   This section implements the provisions of this Charter centralizing building, construction and procurement functions. See Sections 5-900 and 6-500. It applies to City agencies, Council, County agencies and any other governmental agency whose building, construction, or procurement requirements are paid for with funds from the City Treasury.