§ 6-301.  Payments Out of the Treasury.
   The City Treasurer shall pay moneys out of the City Treasury only by check. Checks shall be issued only upon the order of the City Controller. All orders shall indicate the purpose for which the City Treasurer is required to draw checks and the particular funds or appropriations to which they are chargeable. All payroll checks shall be delivered to the officer, department, board or commission of the City or other governmental agency on whose requisition they were ordered drawn. Other checks shall be delivered or mailed to the payees, unless the Director of Finance shall prescribe another system.
   Sources:   Cf. the Fiscal Code of 1929, Act of April 9, 1929, P.L. 343, Section 307, as amended.
   Purposes:   1.   Strict accountability for City moneys requires that they be disbursed by check signed by the City Treasurer and that all such checks shall be drawn only upon the order of the City Controller. Section 6-400. Orders are to indicate the purposes of expenditures and the funds or appropriations to be charged so that the City Treasurer may know against what funds he is to draw checks.
      2.   Payroll checks are to be delivered to the officer or agency on whose requisition they were drawn to assure their delivery to the person who allegedly performed the services and that the services were in fact performed. The delivery of all other checks is made subject to the direction of the Director of Finance so that he can from time to time prescribe that method of delivery which will best protect the interests of the City and the rightful payee. Unless the Director of Finance prescribes otherwise, the Treasurer may deliver or mail checks to payees.
      3.   See Section 8-101.