§ 6-109.  Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. 147
   (1)   At least thirty (30) days before the start of each fiscal year, the Finance Director shall file with the Mayor a written report that includes:
      (a)   An up-to-date study analyzing the participation of disadvantaged business enterprises ("DBE's") in City contracts for the purchase of goods and services, compared to the percentage of qualified DBE's available to participate in such contracts ("Annual Disparity Study"). The Annual Disparity Study shall be performed either by the Office of the Director of Finance itself, or by contract.
      (b)   City contract participation goals for DBE's for the upcoming fiscal year ("Annual Participation Goals"). In devising the Annual Participation Goals, the Finance Director shall consider:
         (i)   the present availability of qualified DBE's;
         (ii)   the participation of qualified DBE's on past contracts awarded by the City;
         (iii)   a forecast of eligible contracts to be awarded within the fiscal year; and
         (iv)   the latest Annual Disparity Study.
      (c)   Such other related matters as Council may from time to time ordain.
   (2)   At the same time that the report is filed with the Mayor, the Finance Director shall file a copy with the Department of Records and with the President and Chief Clerk of Council, and shall arrange for publication of the report on the City's official website.
   (3)   Council may by ordinance define and detail categories of DBE's and of City contracts that must be considered separately by the Finance Director in conducting the Annual Disparity Study and devising the Annual Participation Goals.



   Added by approval of the voters at the election held on November 7, 2006, and certified on November 27, 2006. See Bill No. 060388 (approved June 13, 2006); Resolution No. 060408 (adopted June 1, 2006).