§ 6-107.  Cost Analysis.
   The Director of Finance shall from time to time make studies of the cost of performing the various functions which are committed to the several officers, departments, boards or commissions or other agencies. Such studies shall be made on such basis as the Director of Finance may deem useful or as the Mayor or the Managing Director may request. Reports showing the results of such studies shall be made to the Mayor and to the Managing Director.
   Sources:   No specific source.
   Purposes:   Cost analysis is required so that the cost of performing various City operations will be known. Such knowledge will make possible the effecting of economies where costs appear to be excessive and the reviewing of costs in those cases where charges are made for services rendered by the City. Cost analysis information is to be supplied to the Mayor, because he is the chief executive, and to the Managing Director, because he will be supervising the service departments and should know the cost of their various operations for effective supervision.