§ 5-201.  Powers of Policemen.
   The members of the Philadelphia Police shall have all the powers conferred by statute and ordinance upon members of the police force of cities of the first class and upon constables of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. They shall have the power to make lawful searches, seizures and arrests for violations of any statutes or ordinances in force in the City, to serve subpoenas when ordered so to do by their superior officers, and to do such other acts as may be required of them by statute or ordinance.
   Sources:   No specific source.
   Purposes:   Specification in detail of the powers of policemen is avoided in favor of a general statement of powers so that no particular power will be excluded because of a failure to refer to it. See Annotation to Section 1-100. Searches, seizures and arrests may be made if they are lawful, a constitutional caution necessary for the police to bear in mind in the exercise of such powers. Police are empowered to make lawful searches, seizures and arrests for the violation of any statutes, State or Federal, in force in the City, and of City ordinances. The powers of the police include all the common law powers of police officers.