§ 5-103.  Public Safety Enforcement Officers. 130
   (a)   There shall be appointed "Public Safety Enforcement Officers" within such departments as determined by the Managing Director. The duties of such officers may include the following: providing support to the Police Department to regulate the flow of traffic; enforcing, and providing such assistance as uniformed police officers may require to enforce, code provisions relating to the quality of life in the City's neighborhoods; and carrying out such other related duties as the Managing Director may determine or as otherwise provided by ordinance. A Public Safety Enforcement Officer shall not have authority to carry a firearm or to detain or arrest any person.
   (b)   A minimum number of such officers shall be established by the Managing Director, or as otherwise provided by ordinance, by such job classifications as may be established pursuant to Section 7-401(v) of this Charter. In the event that vacancies cause the total number of such officers in a particular classification to fall below the established number, such vacancies shall be filled within a reasonable period of time not to exceed one year.



   Added by approval of the voters at the election held on May 21, 2019, and certified on June 10, 2019. See Bill No. 180818 (approved March 20, 2019); Resolution No. 180830 (adopted March 14, 2019). See Charter subsection A-200(17) for effective date.