§ 4-1800.  Powers and Duties.
   (a)   The Commission for Women shall convene its first meeting no later than April 30, 2016 on a date designated by the Mayor. Thereafter, the Commission shall meet regularly, at such times and places as it may designate, and shall meet no less than six (6) times per year.
   (b)   The purpose of the Commission is to advance women to full equality by promoting equal opportunities in areas such as education, employment, compensation and professional development. To achieve this purpose, the Commission shall advise the Mayor and City Council on: (i) issues of public policy that impact women; (ii) methods of promoting and protecting the rights of women in the City; (iii) ways to ensure that women employed in City government are treated equally with men in all matters of employment; and (iv) policies and programs that would improve the status of women in departments and agencies of City government. The Commission shall also be responsible for engaging the corporate sector to work with the Commission, the Mayor and City Council in developing initiatives that address women's issues.
   (c)   The Commission shall, subject to the availability of appropriations, appoint and fix the compensation of an executive director and such other staff or consultants as may be required for the proper conduct of its work (provided that the appointment of an executive director shall require a vote of two-thirds of all members of the Commission).
   (d)   All departments, boards, commissions and other City agencies shall cooperate with the Commission in the performance of its duties to the fullest extent permitted by law.
   (e)   The Commission shall provide an annual report, summarizing its activities and accomplishments, to the Mayor and the Chief Clerk of Council no later than March 31st of each year, beginning with the year 2017.
   (f)   The Commission shall exercise such other advisory powers and duties, not inconsistent with this section and the Charter, that Council may from time to time vest in it, by ordinance.