§ 4-1500.  Powers and Duties.
   The Handicapped and Disabled Advocate shall have the power and its duty shall be to perform the following functions:
   (a)   Act as an advocate for all handicapped and disabled persons with respect to all matters relating to their handicaps or disabilities.
   (b)   Advise and inform handicapped and disabled persons as to their rights under federal, state and local law with respect to handicapped and disability issues, including but not limited to rights under the federal "Americans With Disabilities Act" and act as an advocate for all persons with a handicap or disability in securing such rights.
   (c)   Appoint and fix the compensation of such employees as may be required for the proper conduct of the work of the office of the Handicapped and Disabled Advocate, including, but not limited to, assistant advocates. The number and compensation of such employees shall not be subject to the approval of any other officer.