§ 4-606.  Art Commission. 102
   (1)   The Art Commission shall:
      (a)   Approve any work of art to be acquired by the City, whether by purchase, gift or otherwise and its proposed location;
      (b)   Require to be submitted to it, whenever it deems it proper, a complete model or design of any work of art to be acquired by the City;
      (c)   Approve the design and proposed location of any building, bridge and its approaches, arch, gate, fence, or other structure or fixture to be paid for, either wholly or in part, from the City Treasury or for which the City or any other public authority is to furnish a site but any such action taken by the Commission shall conform to the Physical Development Plan;
      (d)   Approve any structure or fixture to be erected by any person upon or to extend over any highway, stream, lake, square, park or other public place within the City;
      (e)   Approve the removal, relocation or alteration of any existing work of art in the possession of the City;
      (f)   Examine every two years all City monuments and works of art and make a report to the Commissioner of Public Property on their condition with recommendations for their care and maintenance.
   (2)   "Work of art" shall include all paintings, mural decorations, inscriptions, stained glass, statues, reliefs, or other sculptures, monuments, fountains, arches or other structures intended for ornament or commemoration.
   (3)   If the Art Commission fails to act upon any matter submitted to it within sixty days after such submission, its approval of the matter submitted shall be presumed.
   Sources:   Act of June 25, 1919, P.L. 581, Article II, Section 11.
   Purposes:   The functions of the Art Commission are essentially those of the Art Jury under the Charter of 1919. The functions of the Art Commission will affect at times City planning and for that reason its decisions must conform with the requirements of the Physical Development Plan of the City. The examination of the condition of City monuments and works of art is a new function and is included so that these important and expensive properties of the City shall not suffer from neglect.



   Renumbered from Section 5-903 by approval of the voters at the election held on November 3, 2015, and certified on November 23, 2015. See Bill No. 140721 (approved June 16, 2015); Resolution No. 140732-A (adopted June 11, 2015). See Charter subsection A-200(14) for effective date.