§ 4-605.  Historical Commission. 101
   (a)   Historic Designation. The Historical Commission shall designate as historic those buildings, structures, sites, objects, and spaces, whether interior or exterior (collectively, for purposes of this section, "historic buildings") that the Commission determines are significant to the City, and shall delineate the boundaries of and designate as historic those City districts it determines are significant to the City, all pursuant to criteria and procedures set forth by the Council by ordinance.
   (b)   Restrictions Regarding Historic Buildings. The Commission shall have such powers with respect to review of applications for building permits to alter or demolish historic buildings and to construct buildings, structures, or objects within historic districts, and with respect to any other matters concerning the historical heritage of the physical composition of the City, as may be established by the Council by ordinance.
   (c)   Inventory. The Commission shall prepare and maintain a comprehensive inventory of historic buildings and districts.
   (d)   Recommendations. The Commission shall make recommendations concerning the use of grants, gifts, and budgetary appropriations to promote the preservation of buildings, structures, site, objects, spaces and districts of historic importance to the City.
   (e)   Education. The Commission shall take steps to increase public awareness of the value of architectural, cultural, and historic preservation.



   Added by approval of the voters at the election held on November 3, 2015, and certified on November 23, 2015. See Bill No. 140721 (approved June 16, 2015); Resolution No. 140732-A (adopted June 11, 2015). See Charter subsection A-200(14) for effective date.