§ 3-1002.  Substitution of Members.
   If any of the organizations whose head is designated as a member of a nominating panel ceases to exist or if its head refuses to serve, the remaining members of the panel shall by a majority vote replace the organization with another of a similar nature, and its head shall become a member of the panel. In the event of the illness, absence from the City or other disability of any member at a time when nominations must be made, the vice president or other officer next in rank, of the organization which the member represents, shall serve in his stead.
   Sources:   No specific source.
   Purposes:   Nominating panels are made self-perpetuating bodies to assure their independence from domination and control of any particular City administration. Mere temporary inability of a representative to serve is covered by the provision that the official of his organization who is next in rank shall serve in his stead.