§ 3-904.  Board of Surveyors.
   The Board of Surveyors shall be composed of a Chief Engineer and Surveyor, who shall be the president thereof, an Assistant Chief Engineer and Surveyor, and the Surveyors and Regulators of the several survey districts of the City, all of them to be appointed by the Commissioner of Streets. The Chief Engineer and Surveyor shall be at the time of his appointment a civil engineer of at least five years' experience, and the Assistant Chief Engineer and Surveyor and the district Surveyors and Regulators each shall have had at the time of their appointment at least five years' experience in surveying and regulating.
   Sources:   Ordinances of the City of Philadelphia, March 17, 1884 and December 31, 1919.
   Purposes:   The Board of Surveyors is continued substantially as at present, except that the various members are to appointed by the Commissioner of Streets with whose Department the Board is connected.