§ 3-902.  Air Pollution Control Board.
   The Air Pollution Control Board shall be composed of seven appointed members and the Health Commissioner. Of the appointed members, one shall be an experienced business executive, and two shall be resident householders not connected with the activities hereafter enumerated. The other four shall include one from each of the following fields of activity where he shall have had at least five years' active experience: the operation of plants containing high pressure boilers; the management or operation of the business of mining or manufacturing of solid, liquid or gaseous fuels, involving the theory and practice of fuel technology; the management or operation of transportation facilities; and the practice of designing or installing power and industrial equipment.
   Sources:   Ordinance of the City of Philadelphia, June 25, 1948.
   Purposes:   The composition of the Air Pollution Control Board is such as to assure members competent to deal with the subject of air pollution control. The Health Commissioner is a member because the Board is attached to the Department of Health.