§ 3-403.  Managing Director.
   The term of office of the Managing Director shall be four years and shall coincide with the term for which a Mayor is elected every four years as provided for in this charter.
   Sources:   No specific source.
   Purposes:   Two considerations were sought to be balanced in fixing a term of office for a Managing Director: the importance of his position to the people of the City as the supervisor of the service departments; the importance of his relationship to the Mayor as the Mayor's personal assistant. The first consideration prompted the fixing of a definite term of four years for the Managing Director. This will help to obtain an official of high calibre and extensive experience because a measure of security of tenure of office is offered. The other consideration prompted the requirement that the Managing Director's term of office coincide with that of the Mayor who appoints him. Thus, in most instances, a Mayor will have serving as a Managing Director one whom he appointed to office. However, should a Mayor elected for a four year term not complete his term, his successor would have a Managing Director who had been appointed by his predecessor. This was necessary to assure to a Managing Director a minimum term of four years unless he is sooner removed from office under conditions specified in Section 9-201.