§ 2-403.  Employment of Personnel, Expenses and Cooperation of City Departments and Agencies.
   For the purpose of conducting inquiries and investigations the Council by resolution may employ, or authorize the employment by its committees, and fix the compensation of counsel, experts and employees and authorize such other expenditures as it deems necessary, but a limit of the total cost shall be stated which shall not be exceeded except by vote of the Council authorizing additional amounts. However, the Council or any of its committees may, with the consent of the head of any department, board or commission of the City, utilize the services, information, facilities and personnel of such department, board or commission.
   Sources:   United States Code, Title 2, Section 196; Title 29, Section 194.
   Purposes:   The employment of personnel by the Council for any of its committees conducting inquiries and investigations is authorized for the regular staff of Council will frequently be inadequate for this special work. Thus the Council will be able to engage lawyers, accountants, scientists, and additional clerical help to meet the needs of any particular investigation or inquiry. To prevent the incurring of unlimited costs, Council is required to set a limit of the total expenditures to be made for any investigation or inquiry. This limit may be increased from time to time by the Council. Personnel and facilities of administrative agencies may be utilized, but only with the consent of the head of the agency.