§ 2-305.  Legislation Affecting Powers and Duties of the Executive and Administrative Branch.
   The Council may by ordinance add new powers and new duties, not inconsistent with the scheme of this charter, to the powers and duties of the offices, departments, boards and commissions which are herein designated as the agencies of the executive and administrative branch of the City government, but it shall not, except as herein provided, increase the number of such agencies nor shall it abolish any agency unless the agency no longer has any functions to perform.
   Sources:   No specific source.
   Purposes:   The enlargement of powers and duties of the agencies designated by the Charter in the executive branch of the government is provided for to take care of new duties and powers which might have to be exercised and performed in the future by the executive branch of the government. Thus, although new departments may not be created (Section 1-102), room is left for existing agencies to exercise additional powers and duties. The only limitation imposed is that new powers and duties shall be added in a manner consistent with the scheme of this Charter. Thus powers and duties to be added to any department, board or commission are to bear some relationship to the powers and duties already vested in such an agency. It should be noted that under Section 1-102 new boards and commissions may be created. This section would permit the distribution of new powers and duties upon City-County consolidation to existing departments, boards and commissions and, if necessary, to new boards and commissions.