§ 2-104.  Organization of the Council; Officers; Rules; Employees.
   The Council shall meet for organization at 10 o'clock a.m., on the first Monday of January following its election, at which time it shall elect a president from among its members and a chief clerk who shall not be a member. The chief clerk shall be the secretary of the Council. In the event of the President's absence or disability, the Council shall elect from among its members a president pro tempore. The Council shall adopt rules providing for a finance committee and other committees, defining the duties of its President and of its chief clerk and employees, and otherwise providing for its own organization. It shall employ and fix the salaries of such persons as may be necessary for the proper discharge of its business.
   Sources:   Act of June 25, 1919, P.L. 581, Article XVI, Section 5.
   Purposes:   This section provides for the administrative organization and operation of the Council. It gives official status to the chief clerk. Employees of the Council need not be civil service employees, and the Council determines their compensation. A Finance Committee is specified because it is provided in Section 3-500 that in case of a vacancy in the office of Mayor, the President of Council resigning or being unable to act as Mayor, the Chairman of the Finance Committee of Council shall so act.