Chapter 21-100.  City Emblems, Colors and Awards
   § 21-101.   The City Seal.
   § 21-102.   The City Colors.
   § 21-103.   The City Flag.
   § 21-104.   The Philadelphia Medal of Honor.
   § 21-105.   Hero Awards.
Chapter 21-200.  Scholarships
   § 21-201.   Mayor's Scholarships.
Chapter 21-300.  Police Alarm Signal System
   § 21-301.   Connection.
Chapter 21-400.  Civil Defense
   § 21-401.   Enforcement.
   § 21-402.   Public Fallout Shelter Licenses or Privileges.
Chapter 21-500.  Special Ordinances
   § 21-501.   Special Rights, Privileges and Franchises.
Chapter 21-600.  City Institutions
   § 21-601.   Riverview.
Chapter 21-700.  Waiver of Governmental Immunity (Repealed)
Chapter 21-800.  Advancement of Economic Opportunities
   § 21-801.   The Philadelphia Allied Action Commission.
   § 21-802.   The Philadelphia Community Reinvestment Commission.
Chapter 21-900.  Services to the Aging
   § 21-901.   The Philadelphia Commission on Services to the Aging.
Chapter 21-900A.  The Free Library of Philadelphia
   § 21-901A.   Formal Reports and Publications.
Chapter 21-1000.  Police Uniforms
   § 21-1001.   Police Uniforms.
   § 21-1002.   Penalties.
Chapter 21-1100.  Community Development
   § 21-1101.   Scope.
   § 21-1102.   Annual Consolidated Plan.
   § 21-1103.   Very Low, Low and Moderate Income Beneficiaries.
   § 21-1104.   Citizen Participation.
   § 21-1105.   Council Plan Approval and Amendment Procedure.
   § 21-1106.   Information to be Provided to Council.
   § 21-1107.   Information Available to the Public.
   § 21-1108.   Economic Development.
   § 21-1109.   Administrative Costs.
   § 21-1110.   Rules and Regulations.
   § 21-1111.   Applicability Period.
Chapter 21-1200.  Police Advisory Board
   § 21-1201.   Findings.
   § 21-1202.   Establishment of Board.
   § 21-1203.   Compensation of Board Members.
   § 21-1204.   Powers and Duties of Board.
   § 21-1205.   Staffing.
   § 21-1206.   Hearings.
   § 21-1207.   Finding of Necessity.
   § 21-1208.   Form of Advice.
   § 21-1209.   Powers and Duties of the Managing Director and Other Officials.
   § 21-1210.   Response to Board Recommendations.
   § 21-1211.   Severability.
Chapter 21-1300.  Board of License and Inspection Review
   § 21-1301.   Fees.
Chapter 21-1400.  Tax Increment Financing Districts
   § 21-1401.   Definitions.
   § 21-1402.   Reporting Requirements.
   § 21-1403.   Additional Requirements.
Chapter 21-1500.  Boards and Commissions – Public Deliberations
   § 21-1501.   Definitions.
   § 21-1502.   Public Deliberation Required.
Chapter 21-1600.  Housing Trust Fund
   § 21-1601.   Definitions.
   § 21-1602.   Establishment of the Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund.
   § 21-1603.   Creation, Distribution and Use of the Trust Fund's Assets.
   § 21-1604.   Establishment of Housing Trust Fund Sub-Funds.
   § 21-1605.   Trust Fund Assets Held in the Non-Recording Fee Sub-Fund.
Chapter 21-1700.  Publication of Notices by City
   § 21-1701.   Notice of Public Hearings on Bills; Notice of Bills Reported from Committees of Council.
   § 21-1702.   Notice of Certain Procurement Contracts Available for Bid.
   § 21-1703.   Notice of Regulations Proposed by Departments, Boards and Commissions.
   § 21-1704.   Other Notice Requirements.
Chapter 21-1800.  Foster Care
   § 21-1801.   Approval of Foster Parents.
   § 21-1802.   Consultation with Former and Current Foster Children.
Chapter 21-1900.  Freedom from Abuse Rights Reporting
   § 21-1901.   Definitions.
   § 21-1902.   FAR Policy.
   § 21-1903.   Required FAR Policy Compliance Reports.
Chapter 21-2000.  Police Accident Reports
   § 21-2001.   Confidentiality.
   § 21-2002.   Fees.
Chapter 21-2100.  Program-Based Budgeting
   § 21-2101.   Required Submission of Program-Based Budgeting Data.
   § 21-2102.   Adoption of Program-Based Budgeting Procedure.
Chapter 21-2200.  Cost-Benefit Analysis for Capital Budgeting
   § 21-2201.   Required Submission of Cost-Benefit Analysis for Capital Program Projects.
   § 21-2202.   Adoption of Cost-Benefit Analysis Procedure for Capital Program.
Chapter 21-2300.  Fiscal Impact Statements
   § 21-2301.   Availability of Fiscal Impact Statements.
   § 21-2302.   Form of Fiscal Impact Statements.
   § 21-2303.   Duty to Prepare Fiscal Impact Statements.
Chapter 21-2400.  Electronic Option Requirement
   § 21-2401.   Implementation of Electronic Option Requirement.
   § 21-2402.   Reporting Requirement.
Chapter 21-2500.  Information Technology Strategic Plan
   § 21-2501.   Required Submission of Information Technology Strategic Plan.
   § 21-2502.   Information Technology Strategic Plan Procedure.
Chapter 21-2600.  Administrative Environmental Assessments
   § 21-2601.   Requests for and Preparation of Administrative Environmental Assessments.
Chapter 21-2700.  Municipal Identification Cards
   § 21-2701.   Municipal Identification Cards.
   § 21-2702.   Municipal Identification Card Program.
   § 21-2703.   Issuance of Municipal Identification Cards.
   § 21-2704.   Applications for Municipal Identification Cards.
   § 21-2705.   Confidentiality of Municipal Identification Card Application Information.
   § 21-2706.   Implementation and Access to Services.
   § 21-2707.   Language Assistance.
   § 21-2708.   Reporting and Program Assessment.
Chapter 21-2800.  Fire Service Paramedic Safety and Health
   § 21-2801.   Short Title.
Chapter 21-2900.  Dissemination of Missing and Endangered Persons Alert via Internet
   § 21-2901.   Disseminating Missing and Endangered Persons Alerts Through Use of the Internet.
Chapter 21-3000.  Environmental Justice Reporting
   § 21-3001.   Definitions.
   § 21-3002.   Environmental Justice Advisory Commission.
   § 21-3003.   Environmental Justice Online Portal.
   § 21-3004.   Causes of Action.
Chapter 21-3100.  Reporting Related to Civil Actions
   § 21-3101.   Reporting of Information Related to Civil Actions and Related City Liability.
§  21-101.  The City Seal. 1
   (1)   The device of the City Seal shall be:
      ARMS – On a blue field, a fess golden between a plough above and a ship in full sail below; both proper.
      CREST – A right arm, nude, embowed, couped at shoulder, holding a pair of scales; all proper.
      SUPPORTERS – Two females, standing full face, the one on the right side of the shield habited white and purple, crowned with an olive wreath; in her right hand a scroll, charged with an anchor; all proper; the one on the left side habited white and blue; in her left hand a cornucopia, proper.
   (2)   The seal of the Mayor of the City shall contain the words and letters on a riband, like the first seal adopted by the corporation – Seal of the City of Philadelphia – and shall have a diameter of 2¼ inches.
§ 21-102.  The City Colors. 2
   (1)   The City colors shall be azure blue and golden yellow.
§ 21-103.  The City Flag.
   (1)   The City Flag or Standard shall be of bunting or silk material in the above colors and shall be 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, or in similar proportion. The flag shall be divided vertically in 3 equal parts, of which the first and third shall be azure blue and the middle pale golden yellow. Upon the later shall be blazoned the City arms, as upon the City seal.
   (2)   The City Ensign or Merchant Flag shall be similar to the City Flag or Standard except that instead of the entire City Arms there shall be blazoned upon the central pale the crest of the City Arms, surrounded by 13 five-pointed azure stars, in a circle whose diameter is four-fifths of the width of the pale. The length or fly shall be 6 feet, the depth or hoist 4 feet 6 inches or in similar proportion.
   (3)   The City pennant shall be a triangular piece of yellow bunting 5 feet long by 4 feet wide, or in similar proportion. In the center shall be a blue triangular field 2 feet wide and 3 feet long, upon which shall be the crest of the City Arms and a circle of 13 five-pointed stars.
   (4)   The City Streamer shall be made of the above materials and colors and shall be 2 feet wide and 15 feet long, or in similar proportion. The blue shall be next to the staff, and shall be one-fourth the length of the streamer and shall have in its center the City Crest.
   (5)   The City Flag or Standard shall be displayed from public buildings on suitable public occasions.
§ 21-104.  The Philadelphia Medal of Honor. 3
   (1)   There shall be an award designated as the "Philadelphia Medal of Honor", to be awarded to persons who are natives of, or who reside in the City, and who perform outstanding acts of heroism, achievement or service which bring honor and prestige to such persons and to the City.
   (2)   The award shall consist of an appropriate certificate or citation, on which shall be inscribed a brief statement of the act forming the basis of the award, together with a medal or emblem, which shall be of a design approved by the Art Commission.
   (3)   A Philadelphia Medal of Honor Award Committee shall be selected by the Mayor and shall consist of the City Representative, the Chairman of Council's Committee on Commerce, Navigation and Airport Facilities, the current recipient of the (Bok) Philadelphia Award, the current recipient of the Gimbel Award for Women, and one clergyman from the Protestant, Catholic and Jewish faiths.
   (4)   The Philadelphia Medal or Honor Award Committee shall select its chairman and adopt rules governing the selection of recipients of the Philadelphia Medal of Honor.
§ 21-105.  Hero Awards. 4
   (1)   The Council hereby provides that the sum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) may be awarded to the surviving spouse or Life Partner or dependent children or dependent children of a Life Partner or dependent parents of every firefighter, police officer and prosecution detective who is killed in the course of performing a heroic deed which, in the judgment of the Hero Award Committee, involves a special hazard or risk; provided, however, that payments of said sum shall be made at the rate of two thousand dollars ($2,000) per month for a period of fifty months, and shall be subject to the provisions of subsection (6). 5
   (2)   There is hereby created a Hero Award Committee consisting of the Chairman of the Committee on Public Safety of the Council, the Police Commissioner, the Fire Commissioner, the Managing Director, and the President of the Council, who shall be the chairman of the award committee. Any member of the committee may, from time to time, designate one of his assistants to take his place with full authority to act in his stead. A majority of the members of the committee shall constitute a quorum with full authority to act.
   (3)   The award committee shall have the sole and exclusive power and authority to determine in each case submitted to it whether the death of any firefighter, police officer or prosecution detective resulted from the performance of a heroic act which involved a special hazard or risk, and merits the payment of a hero award. Findings and decisions of the Hero Award Committee shall be final and conclusive.
   (4)   No payments shall be made pursuant to the terms of this Ordinance unless the Hero Award Committee shall have first certified in writing to the Director of Finance the making of such an award.
   (5)   The awards herein provided shall be in addition to any rights or benefits to which the heirs, personal representatives, or next of kin may be entitled pursuant to any existing statute or ordinance.
   (6)   The payments provided for in this Section shall be made in the following order of priority: 6
      (a)   surviving spouse or surviving Life Partner, if the surviving spouse or surviving Life Partner was living with deceased at the time of his or her death, or was actually dependent upon him or her at such time; and payments shall continue so long as the surviving spouse remains single or does not enter into a subsequent Life Partnership;
      (b)   dependent children and dependent children of a Life Partner, which shall include stepchildren, children to whom deceased stood in loco parentis, and posthumous children;
      (c)   dependent parents.
   If the member or members of any of the above classes fail to qualify or cease to be eligible for the payments herein provided, then such payments shall be made to the member or members of the next lower class qualified to receive payment. If no person in any of the above classes qualifies, then the payments shall cease.



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