Chapter 16-100.  Acquisition or Construction
   § 16-101.   Acquisition of Land for the Construction of New Facilities.
   § 16-102.   Acquisition of Land at Sheriff Sales.
   § 16-103.   Aesthetic Ornamentation of City Structures.
   § 16-104.   Gender-Neutral Bathrooms.
Chapter 16-200.  Sales, Leases and Other Grants of City-Owned Land, Buildings and Facilities
   § 16-201.   Sale of City Real Estate.
   § 16-202.   Required Appraisals.
   § 16-203.   Closing or Abandonment of Any City-Owned Capital Facility.
   § 16-204.   Other Grants.
   § 16-205.   Communication and Electrical Transmission Facilities.
   § 16-206.   Reserved.
   § 16-207.   Notice of Pending Sale.
   § 16-208.   Residential Energy Cost Disclosure.
Chapter 16-300.  Maintenance and Supervision
   § 16-301.   City Hall Aprons.
   § 16-302.   Assignment of City Space.
   § 16-303.   Smoking in Public Buildings.
   § 16-304.   Naming of City Buildings and Facilities.
   § 16-305.   Wheelchair Accessibility in City Buildings and Facilities.
   § 16-306.   Firearms and Deadly Weapons in Public Buildings and Facilities.
   § 16-307.   LED Lighting in City Buildings and Facilities.
   § 16-308.   Baby Diaper Changing Stations in City Buildings and Facilities.
   § 16-309.   Prohibition of Symbols by City Employees.
   § 16-310.   Lead Certification for City and Other Buildings Undergoing Renovation.
   § 16-311.   Life Sustaining Medical Equipment in City Buildings and Facilities.
Chapter 16-400.  Surplus Properties
   § 16-401.   Legislative Findings.
   § 16-402.   Definitions.
   § 16-403.   Disposition Policy: General Provisions.
   § 16-404.   Disposition: Inventory, Methods, Terms, and Approvals.
   § 16-405.   Transfer of Title from the City of Philadelphia.
   § 16-406.   Uniform Strategic Plan and Performance Reports.
   § 16-407.   Reserved.
Chapter 16-500.  Blight Reduction Committee
   § 16-501.   Legislative Findings.
   § 16-502.   Blight Reduction Committee.
   § 16-503.   Blighted Property.
   § 16-504.   Abandoned Property.
   § 16-505.   Certification.
   § 16-506.   Acquisition and Disposition.
Chapter 16-600.  Redevelopment Proposals and Contracts
   § 16-601.   Council Approval of Redevelopment Proposals and Contracts.
Chapter 16-700.  Philadelphia Land Bank
   § 16-701.   Preliminary Provision.
   § 16-702.   Creation.
   § 16-703.   Mission.
   § 16-704.   Board of Directors.
   § 16-705.   Acquisition.
   § 16-706.   Disposition.
   § 16-707.   Ethics and Conflicts of Interest.
   § 16-708.   Financial Provisions.
   § 16-709.   Dissolution; Distribution of Assets in Case of Dissolution.
   § 16-710.   Reserved.
   § 16-711.   Reserved.
Chapter 16-800.  Philadelphia Affordable Housing Opportunity Zones
   § 16-801.   Definitions.
   § 16-802.   Designation of Zones.
   § 16-803.   Authorization to Dispose of Publicly-Owned Property for Nominal Consideration.
Chapter 16-900.  Philadelphia Workforce Housing Opportunity Zones
   § 16-901.   Definitions.
   § 16-902.   Designation of Zones.
   § 16-903.   Authorization to Dispose of Publicly-Owned Property for Nominal Consideration.
§ 16-101.  Acquisition of Land for the Construction of New Facilities.
   (1)   Except as otherwise provided, the Department of Public Property may enter into agreements, in such form and with such conditions as are approved by the Law Department, with the owners or lessees of privately owned land, under the terms of which the City has the right and privilege of constructing and maintaining sewers, drainage and water supply structures, light, power and communication facilities, and means of access thereto, within the lines of such privately owned land. 2
§ 16-102.  Acquisition of Land at Sheriff Sales. 3
   (1)   Whenever any real estate is to be sold by the Sheriff for any claim or costs due the City, the Law Department, after consulting with any other department, agency, board or commission concerned or affected, shall be authorized to bid at such sale and to purchase the real estate on behalf of the City where it finds:
      (a)   that the property would serve a municipal purpose carried on by a department, board, agency or commission of the City; or
      (b)   that the purchase of such property would serve to protect the financial interests of the City; or
      (c)   that the acquisition of such property would promote the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of the City; or
      (d)   that such property can be used by the City as part of any cooperative or joint arrangement with any other governmental agency or political subdivision to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of the City.
   (2)   The amount of such bid shall not exceed the amount of the claim, penalties, interest and costs due the City.
§ 16-103.  Aesthetic Ornamentation of City Structures. 4
   (1)   Definition.
      (a)   Fine Arts. Sculpture, monuments, bas reliefs, mosaics, frescoes, stained glass, murals and fountains which either contain sculpture, or are designed to enhance adjacent accompanying sculpture.
   (2)   Expenditures for Fine Arts. An amount not to exceed one per cent of the total dollar amount of any construction contract for a building, bridge and its approaches, arch, gate or other structure or fixture to be paid for either wholly or in part by the City, shall be devoted to the Fine Arts; provided, that the Art Commission certifies in writing that said ornamentation is fitting and appropriate to the function and location of the structure.
§ 16-104.  Gender-Neutral Bathrooms. 5
   (1)   Definitions.
      (a)   Gender Identity. Shall have the meaning given in § 9-1102(1).
      (b)   Gender-Neutral Bathroom. A bathroom that is designated for use by any person or persons, regardless of Gender Identity.
   (2)   Gender-Neutral Bathrooms.
      (a)   Any new building constructed by the City shall include Gender-Neutral Bathrooms in number and location appropriate to the building's use.
      (b)   Whenever the City renovates a building that it owns or occupies, or any portion of a building that it owns or occupies, and such renovation includes renovation of bathrooms, Gender-Neutral Bathrooms in number and location appropriate to the use of the building or portion thereof so renovated shall be established.



   Charter refs.: §§ 5-900(a)(3), (4); 8-200(1), (2); 8-202; 8-204.
   Source: 1931 Ordinances, p. 250.
   Amended, 1959 Ordinances, p. 965.
   Amended, 1959 Ordinances, p. 1194.
   Added, Bill No. 130224 (approved May 8, 2013).
Section 16-104 - Delayed Amendment
This section has been amended by Bill No. 190559 (approved October 16, 2019), effective April 13, 2020.