Chapter 11-100.  General Provisions
   § 11-101.   Definitions.
   § 11-102.   Surety Bonds for the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia.
   § 11-103.   Facilities in the Right-of-Way.
   § 11-104.   Curb Cuts.
   § 11-105.   Block Parties and Other Special Events.
   § 11-106.   Supplementary Fees.
Chapter 11-200.  Openings and Excavations in the Streets
   § 11-201.   Prohibited Conduct.
   § 11-202.   Special Ordinances.
   § 11-203.   Sewer and Water Pipe and Other Underground Service.
   § 11-204.   Underground Wires.
   § 11-205.   Temporary Drains.
Chapter 11-300.  Board of Surveyors
   § 11-301.   Street Improvements.
   § 11-302.   Bridge Plans.
   § 11-303.   Tracks.
   § 11-304.   Street Names.
   § 11-305.   Assessment Bills.
   § 11-306.   Schedule of Charges.
   § 11-307.   Notice of Public Hearings.
Chapter 11-400.  City Plan
   § 11-401.   Recommendations of City Plan Additions.
   § 11-402.   Special Ordinances Authorizing City Plan Additions.
   § 11-403.   Special Ordinances Authorizing Striking from the City Plan.
   § 11-404.   Revision of Lines and Grades.
   § 11-405.   Combined Special Ordinances Authorizing Several Changes in the City Plan.
   § 11-406.   Costs of Special Ordinances.
   § 11-407.   Width of Streets: Restrictions.
Chapter 11-500.  Paving
   § 11-501.   Restrictions on Paving and Other Improvements.
   § 11-502.   Authorization of Paving.
   § 11-503.   Roadway Paving Bills and Assessments.
   § 11-504.   Roadway Paving at Private Request.
   § 11-505.   Sidewalk Paving and Other Improvements by Property Owners.
   § 11-506.   Alleys, Driveways, and Retaining Walls.
   § 11-507.   Plan Review Fees.
   § 11-508.   Private Development Projects.
Chapter 11-600.  Construction, Encroachments and Projections Over, On and Under Streets
   § 11-601.   Definitions.
   § 11-602.   General Provisions.
   § 11-603.   Projections Over the Street.
   § 11-604.   Encroachments Upon and Obstructions of the Streets.
   § 11-605.   Construction Materials.
   § 11-606.   Area Restrictions.
   § 11-607.   Conforming to Lines on City Plan.
   § 11-608.   Excavation and Construction In and Under the Sidewalks.
   § 11-609.   Administrative Provisions.
   § 11-610.   Construction Equipment.
   § 11-611.   Temporary Street Closures.
   § 11-612.   Sidewalk and Roadway Lane Closures.
   § 11-613.   Pedestrian Enhancements.
   § 11-614.   Wayfinding Signs.
Chapter 11-700.  Right-of-Way Management
   § 11-701.   General.
   § 11-702.   Right-of-Way Use License.
   § 11-703.   Cable Franchise; Open Video System Franchise.
   § 11-704.   Renewal and Transfer of ROW Use Authorization.
   § 11-705.   Construction.
   § 11-706.   Right-of-Way User Fees.
   § 11-707.   Miscellaneous.
Chapter 11-800.  Portable On-Demand Storage Units
   § 11-801.   Definitions.
   § 11-802.   Prohibitions.
   § 11-803.   Permit Requirements.
   § 11-804.   Placement of PODS Units Upon the Street.
   § 11-805.   Penalties.
Chapter 11-900.  Complete Streets Policy
   § 11-901.   Complete Streets Policy.
   § 11-902.   Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan.
§ 11-101.  Definitions. 1
   In this Title, the following definitions apply:
   (1)   Block Party. A neighborhood celebration or event, sponsored by the residents of a block, that requires the temporary closure of the street of the block, or a portion thereof.
   (2)   Cartway. The portion of a street reserved for vehicular use and contained between the curb lines.
   (3)   Department. Department of Streets.
   (4)   Facilities. Shall have the meaning provided in Chapter 11-700.
   (5)   Non-Block Party Event. An event, other than a block party, including but not limited to, birthday celebrations, weddings, proms and serenades.
   (6)   Right-of-Way. Shall have the meaning provided in Chapter 11-700, whether or not capitalized.
   (7)   Underground wires. Shall have the meaning provided in Chapter 11-700 for Underground Facilities.
   (8)   Roadway. The same as "cartway".
   (9)   Sidewalk. That portion of a street contained between the street line and the nearest curb line and consisting of a paved footway and optional planting strips, the cross-section of which shall be determined by the Department.
   (10)   Street. A strip of land or part thereof within the right-of-way, whether dedicated or not, intended or used for vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic.
   (11)   Street Lines. The lines of demarcation between public and private properties on plotted or legally opened streets, defining the land reserved for use as a street.
§ 11-102.  Surety Bonds for the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia. 2
   (1)   Whenever the Law Department, pursuant to the provisions of this Title, shall require the filing of a bond, the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia, notwithstanding the provisions of § 17-106, may file a bond without the execution of a corporation surety. This authorization shall apply only to those instances where the Redevelopment Authority certifies in writing that over fifty (50) percent of the funding for the entire project is provided through City, State or Federal funds. In such cases, where the Redevelopment Authority elects not to provide corporate surety, it shall execute a bond in favor of the City in a form and content satisfactory to the Law Department.
§ 11-103.  Facilities in the Right-of-Way. 3
   (1)   No person shall own, construct, operate, maintain, or repair any Facilities in the Right-of-Way except in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 11-700. Except as provided otherwise in Chapter 11-700, the provisions of Chapters 11-500 and 11-600 shall not apply to the construction, operation, maintenance or repair of any Facilities in the Right-of-Way.
§ 11-104.  Curb Cuts. 4
   (1)   Definitions.
      (a)   City Street. A street on the City Plan, other than a State or Federal Highway.
   (2)   Prohibited curb cuts. No person shall construct or establish, within sixty-five (65) feet of any residential property, a curb cut for the purpose of vehicular or delivery truck access from a City Street to any lot zoned CA-2 under Section 14-402, where such lot measures six hundred twenty-five thousand (625,000) square feet or more in area, unless: 5
      (a)   such curb cut would provide the only vehicular access to and from an off-street parking area; or
      (b)   such curb cut would provide access only to authorized emergency vehicles as defined in Section 12-102 or to other vehicles used in providing public services, including but not limited to, vehicles used in providing water, gas, electric or telephone service.
   The distance from any residential property shall be determined by measuring from the point at which the center line of the driveway intersects with the property line of the Area Shopping Center District.
§ 11-105.  Block Parties and Other Special Events. 6
   (1)   Permit Requirement. No block party or non-block party event shall take place on any street without a permit issued by the Department.
   (2)   Application. No permit shall be issued to close a street for a block party or non-block party event unless the applicant submits a written application no less than six weeks prior to the event, on a form approved by the Department, accompanied by a petition of support.
      (a)   For a street to be closed for a block party event, the petition of support shall be signed by seventy-five (75) percent of the households, located on the block, including any condominiums and apartments.
      (b)   For a street to be closed for a non-block party event, the petition of support shall be signed by ninety (90) percent of the households, located on the block, including any condominiums and apartments.
      (c)   Where the street to be closed is the only entrance to or exit from another street, such as a "T" street, a petition to close the "T" street, signed in accordance with subsections (a) or (b), as applicable, shall also be required.
      (d)   Only one signature per household shall be accepted, and any person signing the petition must be at least 18 years of age and reside on the block. 7
      (e)   If any businesses are located on the block, the applicant shall notify the Right-of-Way Unit to ensure that the closing of the block does not affect the businesses. 8
   (3)   Application Fee. The fee for an application for a block party or non-block party event shall be established by regulation of the Department. If a permit is issued for such an event, and subsequently revoked through no fault of the applicant, the applicant shall be entitled to a refund. No permit shall be revoked within fourteen (14) days of the block party or non-block party event, except in the case of an emergency. For purposes of this subsection, an emergency shall include but not be limited to a natural gas leak, water main break, fire, downed electrical wires, loss of electricity or similar occurrence.
   (4)   Permitted and Prohibited Activities.
      (a)   Yellow caution tape may be used to block access to the street for a permitted block party or non-block party event, but vehicles shall not be used for that purpose.
      (b)   The following shall be permitted access to the closed street: commercial vehicles for the purpose of making deliveries on the block; and vehicles of persons, including those with a physical disability, who must gain access to the street to conduct normal daily activities.
      (c)   Organized gaming devices and gaming tables and the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
      (d)   Noise and music levels shall not violate any City Codes.
      (e)   A permit shall be required from the Department of Licenses and Inspections if there will be a charge for admission to the block party or non-block party event, if there will be amusement rides or a carnival, or if the sale of merchandise or services will take place.
      (f)   The holder of the permit shall be responsible for directing residents of the block in the proper disposal of all trash and recycling at the conclusion of the event, and the street must be clean and open to traffic by 8:30 PM.
   (5)   Regulations. The appropriate departments are authorized to promulgate such regulations as are necessary to implement the provisions of this Section.
§ 11-106.  Supplementary Fees. 9
   (1)   Whenever the Department is authorized by this Title to establish fees for a permit or other activity by regulation, such authorization shall include the authority to establish supplementary inspection fees when the work or activity has been commenced without the permit first having been obtained.



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