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PM-405.1 Bathrooms and toilet rooms: Bathrooms and toilet rooms shall provide privacy to the occupant of the room and shall not be part of the only access to another space or means of egress.
   PM-405.1.1 Dwelling units: Each dwelling unit shall contain a room equipped with a water closet; lavatory and a bathtub or shower. The required bathtub or shower shall be permitted in a separate room from the water closet. The lavatory shall be placed in the same room as the water closet or located in close proximity to the door leading directly into the room in which the water closet is located.
   PM-405.1.2 Rooming houses, dormitories and hotels: Where private water closets, lavatories and bathtubs or showers are not provided in rooming houses, dormitories and hotels, a minimum of one water closet, lavatory and bathtub or shower shall be provided with access from a common hallway for each six occupants or fraction thereof. Such facilities shall not be more than one story removed from the occupants intended to share them.
   PM-405.1.3 Every bathroom and toilet room floor surface shall be constructed and maintained so as to be substantially impervious to water and so as to permit such floor to be easily kept in a clean and sanitary condition.
PM-405.2 Kitchens: Every dwelling shall contain a kitchen sink.
PM-405.3 Plumbing fixtures: All plumbing fixtures shall be properly installed with adequate clearances for usage and cleaning and be maintained in a safe, sanitary and functional condition, free from obstructions, leaks and defects.
   PM-405.3.1 Water supply: Every sink, lavatory, water closet, bathtub, shower or other plumbing fixture required by this code shall be properly connected to a public or approved private water supply in accordance with the plumbing code.
   PM-405.3.2 Hot water: Hot water equipment shall be provided which is capable of heating water to such a temperature as to permit an adequate amount of water to be drawn at each required sink, lavatory, bathtub, shower and laundry facility at a temperature of not less than 110 degrees F (43 degrees C) without reliance on the space heating facilities required by this code. Water heating equipment shall be set so that the temperature of water drawn from plumbing fixtures shall not exceed 125 degrees F (52 degrees C).
      PM-405.3.2.1 Relief valve: Water heaters shall be equipped with a combination temperature and pressure relief valve and relief valve discharge pipe which is properly installed and maintained.
   PM-405.3.3 Sanitary drainage: All plumbing fixtures shall be properly connected to a public or approved private sewage disposal system in accordance with the plumbing code.