No person, except the owner of the property who is personally doing such work on the public right of way adjoining such property, shall construct or reconstruct any sidewalk or driveway, or cut, drop or remove any curb on a public right of way, without first posting a bond and obtaining a license to engage in such work. However, any owner doing any such work at such property must fully abide by and conform to all of the provisions of this chapter except the requirement of posting a bond and procuring a license.
   Any person who applies for a license hereunder shall, prior to any license being issued, furnish to the City, through its duly authorized representatives, satisfactory evidence that such person has presently in force a contractors' liability policy protecting the owner of the property, the City and the general public, workmen's compensation insurance and unemployment insurance, where either or both are applicable. (Ord. 83-74. Passed 2-11-75.)