A.   Clerk Maintains Map: The city clerk shall keep and maintain accurate maps setting out truck routes and streets upon which truck traffic is permitted. The maps shall be kept on file in the office of the city clerk and shall be available to the public.
B.   Chief Of Police Maintains Signs: The chief of police shall cause all truck routes and those streets upon which truck traffic is prohibited to be clearly signposted to give notice that this chapter is in effect.
C.   Failure To Post: No person shall be charged with violating the provisions of this chapter by reason of operating a truck upon a street wherein truck travel is prohibited, unless appropriate signs are posted on such street.
D.   Weigh In: The chief of police shall have the authority to require any person driving or in control of any commercial vehicle not proceeding over a truck route or street over which a truck is permitted to proceed to any public or private scale available for the purpose of weighing and determining whether this chapter has been complied with. (2010 Code § 21-118)