A.   Posted signage for every parking space that is designated and posted as a reserved area for the parking of a motor vehicle operated by or transporting a physically disabled person must display sign R7-8, as provided in the latest edition of the "Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices" published by the federal highway administration of the United States department of transportation, which includes the words "RESERVED PARKING" and the blue and white international symbol of access. Van accessible physically disabled reserved parking spaces shall also display sign R7-8a immediately below sign R7-8.
B.   The blue and white international symbol of access, accompanied by appropriate language, including, but not limited to "Handicapped Parking", "Reserved for Handicapped" and "Permit Required-Towing Enforced" may be used in lieu of sign R7-8 if the sign was erected prior to January 1, 2010. (2010 Code § 21-113.6)