A.   Members of the volunteer fire department shall be compensated as follows:
Volunteer Firefighter
B.   As reimbursement for expenses incurred for each fire and rescue run, they actually attend.  All medical runs will be reimbursed at $8.00 for up to the first three members that arrive.
C.   Further the following incentives shall be established, and shall be paid on the first payroll in December each year:
$100 for each volunteer member who attends 10% of the calls and 25% of the trainings each year.
$250 for the most calls made by a volunteer member
$250 for highest attendance to training days, workdays, and meetings, combined, by a volunteer member
$100 for each officer that designs and leads a volunteer training
$200 most in-house hours spent
D.   In the event of a tie in any of the above-named incentives, the incentive shall be split between the highest ranked volunteer firefighters.
E.   The chief shall be responsible for reporting to the city clerk, at least quarterly, the number of volunteer fire runs made that quarter and the names of the volunteer firefighters who were present and attended each such fire run.
F.   The chief shall also be responsible for reporting to the city clerk, by November 15 of each year, the results of the years' incentives, including the data used to name the volunteer firefighters who are being awarded incentives.
G.   The City Clerk shall prepare statements and make payment based upon the report of fire runs and incentive list made by the chief. The city clerk shall be responsible for completion of any state and/or federal tax that may be necessary.  (2010 Code § 1-49; amd. Ord. 486, 7-13-2021)