A.   No person shall receive a permanent appointment as a police officer in the city until:
   1.   He has undergone evaluation similar to the Minnesota multi-phasic personality inventory or its equivalent (as determined by the council on law enforcement education and training); and
   2.   He has been awarded a certificate, attesting to his satisfactory completion of a basic police course of accredited instruction from the council on law enforcement education and training as required by 70 Oklahoma Statutes section 3311 or a curriculum or course of study approved by the council on law enforcement education and training.
B.   Every person who is not the holder of such certificate, and is duly appointed as a police officer, shall be appointed to such position on a temporary basis only and shall, within one year from the date of appointment, qualify as required in subsection A of this section, or forfeit such position. Appointed chiefs of police shall meet the requirements of subsection A of this section within the first twelve (12) months after assuming the duties of the office to which they are appointed.
C.   Every person who is employed as a permanent police officer prior to July 1, 1968, or is retired under 11 Oklahoma Statutes section 50-114, shall enjoy privilege of certification as afforded by this section. (2010 Code § 1-31)