A.   There shall be a police department, the head of which shall be the chief of police, or police chief, appointed by the city manager for an indefinite term, and removable by the city manager. The chief of police is an officer of the city, and has supervision and control of the police department. All police officers are officers of the city. The department shall be responsible for all criminal and traffic investigations, criminal and traffic law enforcement, handling routine complaints, general patrol, traffic direction and parking control, receiving, processing and maintaining all criminal and traffic records and personnel records, analyzing criminal and traffic records; police training; budget; correspondence; vehicle and building maintenance; operating chemical testing equipment; and providing other services essential to efficient operations.
B.   In accordance with 11 Oklahoma Statutes section 12-111, the police chief shall have authority to appoint one or more police officers, subject to confirmation by the city manager. Police officers may be removed either by the police chief or by the city manager.
C.   When used in this code or in other ordinances of the city, the words "police chief" or "chief of police" shall mean the city marshal and the word "police officer" shall mean city marshal or deputy marshal.
D.   The police chief shall have supervision and control of the police department, subject to the supervision and control of the city manager. (2010 Code § 1-29)