A.   No package store, beer, wine or mixed beverage establishment, wholesale alcoholic beverage store, warehouse, or brewery, distillery, winery, brewpub, or any other place however described, used or maintained for the manufacture, production, bottling or sale of alcoholic beverages of any kind shall be located, maintained or operated by any person at any place within the City except at a location at which such an establishment is permitted by the Land Development Code of this City.
B.   No person shall own, operate, maintain or be interested in any retail package store or beer and wine or mixed beverage establishment which is located at a place within the City, which is forbidden as a location for such store by State law and such stores or establishments are specifically prohibited within three hundred feet (300') from any church property, primarily and regularly used for worship services and religious activities, or a public school; provided, that if any such church or school shall be established within three hundred feet (300') of any premises after such premises has been licensed, this shall not be a bar to the renewal of such license so long as it has been in continuous force and effect. The distance indicated in this subsection shall be measured from the nearest property line of such church or school to the nearest public entrance door of the premises of such package store along the street right-of-way providing the nearest direct route usually traveled by pedestrians between such points. For the purpose of determining measured distance, property situated on the opposite side of the street from such church or school shall be considered as if it were located on the same side of the street with such church and school. Provided, that a license shall not be issued for a location on any block where a school or church is located. (Ord. 469, 9-11-2018)