(a)    There is hereby created within the Fire Department an Emergency Medical Service Unit, the members of which shall be appointed by the Chief of the Fire Department, and under whose command they shall operate.
   (b)    Equipment and facilities necessary to, and required for, the operation of the Emergency Medical Service Unit shall be specified and determined by the Chief of the Fire Department.
   (c)    The Chief of the Fire Department shall, within thirty days of the effective date of this section, appoint personnel qualified to provide emergency medical service, as that term is defined in Ohio R.C. 4731.82(E), including, but not limited to, the following services: cardiac monitoring, defibrillation, airway or gastric intubation, relief of pneumothorax, and the administration of appropriate drugs and intravenous fluids.
   (d)    Personnel appointed as members of the Emergency Medical Service Unit shall possess a valid certificate of competency, issued in accordance with the provisions of Ohio R.C. 4731.86 or 4731.87, attesting to their status as Emergency Medical Technicians-Ambulance (EMT-A) or Emergency Medical Technicians Paramedic (Paramedic), as those terms are defined in Ohio R.C. 4731.82.
   (e)    Moneys needed to complete the aforesaid transaction shall be paid from funds heretofore appropriated or to be appropriated for said purpose.
(Initiative Ordinance approved by electors 11-7-78.)