1280.10  DEER FENCES.
   Fences shall be permitted in rear yards for the purpose of protecting landscaping and other vegetation from destruction by deer upon the following conditions:
   (a)    The fence shall not exceed eight feet in height, as measured from the normal surrounding grade. Fences on raised berms shall be permitted if the top of the fence is not greater than eight feet above the normal surrounding grade.
   (b)    The fence shall be at least ninety-two percent open when viewed on a ninety degree angle to the fence, and shall have a mesh opening of at least three square inches.
   (c)    The fence shall be made of black UV light resistant polypropylene or similar material designed for low visibility which shall not exceed 1/l0th inch in thickness or width.
   (d)    The fence shall be supported by existing trees where practicable. Posts, when necessary, shall be black, shall be no greater than 1 3/4 inches in diameter, and shall be spaced no closer than 15 feet apart.
   (e)    A plan has been submitted pursuant to Section 1280.02 to the Architectural Board of Review and the Board has determined that the fence complies with this section.
   (f)    A temporary deer fence which encloses 1,000 square feet or less of property devoted to a garden does not require the submittal of a plan or approval by the Architectural Board of Review. The applicant for a temporary deer fence is not required to pay a permit fee, a deposit or the Architectural Board of Review fee.
      (Ord. 2017-31.  Passed 11-15-17.)