(a)    Rules.  The Board shall select one of its members to Chair the Board; the Chair shall serve until a new Chair is chosen. The Board shall keep minutes of its proceedings showing the vote of each member on each question or, if a member is absent or fails to vote, the minutes shall indicate such fact. The Board shall also keep records of its other official actions. Approval or conditional approval of an application shall only be granted upon an affirmative vote of two (2) members of the Board. The Board shall have power from time to time to adopt, amend, and repeal rules and regulations governing its procedure under the provisions of this chapter, and to put into effect the purposes of the Board and apply the standards set forth in this chapter.
   (b)    Meetings. The Board shall hold at least two meetings per month, unless there are no items for the agenda. Special meetings may be called by the Chair upon at least seven (7) days' notice to the Board, the applicant, all owners abutting property upon which is to be constructed, and the owner(s) of property across the street from the property upon which the project will be constructed. All such meetings shall be held in the City Hall, except that the Board may schedule such site visits as may be necessary. As formal deliberations should be held in a public forum, the Board shall not deliberate about the project while on-site, but Board members may solicit and receive information while on-site.
   (c)    Notice. Notice shall be required for all new dwelling units, all new accessory buildings, additions to existing structures greater than five hundred (500) square feet in floor area, including balconies, decks and porches, and exterior renovations that involve more than fifty percent (50%) of the exterior facade of the dwelling. Where required, notice of the first consideration of a project by the Board shall be mailed to all abutting property owners and the owner(s) of property across the street from the property upon which the project will be constructed. The notice shall be sent at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting where the project is first considered, and the Secretary shall maintain proof of such mailing. Persons entitled to notice under this section may request further notice by mail or e-mail of any subsequent consideration of the project, which shall be mailed or transmitted at least seven (7) days prior to the subsequent meeting at which the project is considered.
   (d)    Quorum.  A quorum of the Board shall include at least two (2) voting members and one Architect Advisor.  (Ord. 2015-31.  Passed 1-27-16.)