Any temporary and conditional use permit issued by the City Planning Commission and approved by Council for use of a helistop must contain the following minimum conditions:
   (a)   The use of the helistop must be related to the business or personal activity of the owner or tenant of the building or premises on which the helistop is located.
   (b)   The use of the helistop will be limited to helicopters of no more than 3,000 pounds gross weight.
   (c)   The use of the helistop will be limited to flights conducted under visual flight rules which require a 500 foot ceiling and one mile visibility.
   (d)   The use of the helistop will be limited to the daylight hours between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
   (e)   The helistop will not be used for the commercial use of carrying passengers or other equipment for hire.
   (f)   The helicopter shall be piloted only by a pilot qualified under FAA regulations in effect at the time of the operation and as specifically identified in the temporary conditional permit.
   (g)   The applicant shall provide written confirmation from the FAA that the site of the helistop and the arrival and departure flight patterns related to the helistop have been inspected and are in accordance with all safety and other applicable FAA rules and regulations.
   (h)   Flight patterns shall be maintained as to avoid operations over residential areas.  No flight operation related to the helistop will take place over residential areas at less than 500 feet above ground level.
   (i)   No helistop may be located on residentially zoned property.
   (j)   Any construction related to a helistop must be in accordance with a permit from the proper aviation authorities and pursuant to any applicable State of Ohio regulations and any applicable provisions of the Pepper Pike Codified Ordinances.
   (k)   No fueling, repairing or maintenance of helicopters shall be performed and no fuel shall be stored at the helistop.
   (l)   A report by a professional engineer must be submitted to the Planning Commission certifying that the proposed site for the helistop can structurally support the proposed operations of the helistop.
   (m)   A plan of the proposed site for the helistop must be submitted to the Planning Commission showing dimensions of the entire usable areas, dimensions of actual landing and take-off areas and drawings of flight approach paths within 1,000 feet of the helistop and lighting, access and drainage plans.  The applicant shall also submit the applicable FAA aviation chart for the area within 1,000 feet of the helistop. 
(Ord. 2004-83.  Passed 10-20-04.)