(a)    No person shall permit any natural or artificial gas, salt, browning water, oil, liquid dye or any other substance deleterious to trees to come in contact with the soil surrounding the roots of any tree located on City property in such a manner as to kill, injure, deface, destroy or affect the growth of such tree.
   (b)    No person shall place or maintain any stone, concrete, brick or other impervious material or substance in such a manner as may obstruct the free access of air and water to the root of any tree located on City property without first obtaining a permit from the Service Director. Unless otherwise provided for, there shall be maintained about the base of the trunk of each such tree at least nine square feet of open ground for a tree three inches in diameter and for every two inches of increase of such diameter there shall be an increase of at least one square foot of open ground.
(Ord. 2000-25. Passed 5-17-00.)