For the purposes of interpreting this chapter, the following terms, phrases, words and their derivatives shall have the meanings given herein; words used in the singular include the plural.
   (a)    "Building area" means the area of construction for a building including a distance fifteen feet around the perimeter of the foundation.
    (b)    "Caliper" means the diameter in inches of trees measured at the height of six inches above the ground for trees of four inches in diameter and under, and measured twelve inches above the ground for trees over four inches in trunk diameter.
    (c)    "Clearing" means cutting and/or removal of trees and vegetation from a site prior to construction regardless of timing.
   (d)    "Planning Commission" means the City Planning Commission.
   (e)    "Development" means the construction, alteration or addition to a building, structure or improvement or the grading or alteration of land surface.
    (f)    "Diameter at breast height (D.B.H.)" means the diameter in inches of a tree measured four and one-half feet above the existing grade.
     (g)    "Dripline" means a vertical line extending from the outermost portion of the tree branch tips down to the ground.
   (h)   "Existing Conditions Topographic Survey" means a survey prepared and stamped by a licensed surveyor certifying the accuracy of the survey showing existing conditions on the property prior to Development including all existing trees 8 inches D.B.H. or greater.
   (i)    "Tree" means a self-supporting woody plant usually having a single trunk, which has the potential of a D.B.H. of at least two inches and a height of thirteen feet or more at maturity.
   (j)   “Tree Protection Plan” means a plan based on an approved Existing Conditions Topographic Survey drawn at a scale of not less than 1" = 50' prepared by a landscape architect or tree forester
      (1)   Identifying and locating:
         A.   All existing trees or clumps of trees eight inches D.B.H. or greater.
         B.   All trees to be removed.
      (2)   Describing the method of preservation or protection of existing trees which will not be removed .
      (3)   Identifying and locating all replacement or new trees to be planted.
      (4)   Identifying and locating all landscaping to be placed on the property.
   (k)    "Tree removal permit" means an official City authorization to commence or allow the clearing, cutting and/or removal of any tree of eight inches or more in D.B.H. that is regulated within this chapter, and not otherwise exempted in Section 1494.04.
      (Ord. 2011-09.  Passed 4-20-11.)