1488.13  LOCATION.
   No swimming pool in a U-1 District shall be less than thirty-five feet (35') from any lot line of the lot on which it is located or less than eighty feet (80') from the living quarters of any residence building on. an adjacent lot. On any lot in a U-2, U-3 or U-4 District, no such swimming pool shall be less than sixty-five feet (65') from any lot line of any adjacent lot which is used for residential purposes or less than one hundred and fifty-five feet (155') from any residence building on an adjacent lot. A swimming pool shall not include any decking or walkways surrounding it in whole or in part and the distances above shall be measured from the edge of the water line to the nearest lot line and any residence building.
(Ord. 2016-06.  Passed 3-16-16.)