Plans, specifications and pertinent explanatory data required to be submitted to the Inspector of Buildings in connection with the application for a permit to construct a swimming pool, or for any alteration, addition, remodeling or other improvement thereto, shall comply with the following requirements and shall include the following information as well as such other data and information as may reasonably be requested by the Inspector:
   (a)    Plans shall be drawn to a scale of not less than one-fourth of an inch per foot, indicating all materials and methods of construction and indicating all dimensions, including the length, width and height of the pool deck and the water filtering and recirculation system. The pool deck shall be a walkway completely surrounding the pool at least four feet in width, drained away from the pool, except that a walkway may be reduced to a minimum of three feet on any side of a pool that has a fence immediately adjacent thereto.
   (b)    A profile plan showing the same information shall be included.
   (c)    A plot plan showing the position of the pool in relation to the buildings and lot lines shall be included.
   (d)    The type, design and location of the enclosure shall be indicated.
   (e)    An electrical plan, showing a ground fault interrupter to protect all electrical circuits in the pool area shall be included. Such plan shall designate the interrupter specifications, the brand, capacity and so forth, as well as a wiring layout.
      (Ord. 1976-15. Passed 5-19-76.)