(a)    The owner, part owner or occupant of any lot, premises or parcel of land within the City who desires to construct or erect a satellite dish at any location within the City may apply to the Inspector of Buildings of the City for the permit referred to in Section 1484.01.
   The Inspector shall issue such permit if the applicant:
      (1)    Submits a written application upon forms furnished by the Inspector or approved by him or her, with a plot plan of the lot, premises or parcel attached showing the exact location of the proposed satellite dish and a description of the kind of satellite dish, together with plans and specifications showing the elevation and the method of assembly and construction of the satellite dish and such other details as may be required by the Inspector. Each set of plans and specifications shall give the address of the work and the name and address of the owner and of the person who prepared the plans and specifications. Each application shall indicate the owner of the premises, the occupant of the premises and the contractor or other person to be permitted to construct or erect the proposed satellite dish, who shall be a licensed contractor, pursuant to the regulations of the City.
      (2)    Meets all of the requirements of this chapter.
   (b)    Each application shall be accompanied by a check in the amount of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00), which represents a permit fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) and a deposit fee of seventy-five dollars $75.00). The permit fee shall cover the cost of review of the plans by the Architectural Board of Review and the handling of the application and inspection of the construction by the Inspector of Buildings. The seventy-five dollar ($75.00) deposit shall be returnable in the event the Inspector, upon one inspection, finds that the erection or construction is acceptable. If additional inspections are required, the fee shall not be returnable and shall be used to cover the cost of further inspections. 
(Ord. 1981-63. Passed 4-21-82.)