The permit to deposit, dump or dispose of dirt, soil or ground shall be valid for a period of one year from the date of issuance. However, the Inspector of Buildings may revoke the permit at any time after thirty-six hours notice in writing to the holder that certain conditions exist, which have not been corrected by the expiration of such warning period. Conditions of violation are as follows:
   (a)    Such dirt, soil or ground contains any extraneous substance such as wood, trees or limbs, metal cans, glass, broken concrete, bricks, debris from repaired streets or highways, stones, other than those found in the soil in its natural condition, abandoned metal pieces of any variety, papers, plastics, liquids or any garbage, rubbish or other waste or abandoned material;
   (b)    Such dirt, soil or ground is not leveled off at least every thirty days or once a month to provide a neat and orderly appearance from the street or any adjacent property;
   (c)    A small sign, not larger than six inches by six inches and three feet high with a copy of the permit is not posted on the premises in a conspicuous place;
   (d)    The tree lawn and curb are not adequately protected against damage from trucks or other vehicles bringing such dirt, soil or ground to the premises,
   (e)    Dirt, soil or ground is deposited on the premises when the ground is soft or muddy and the dirt or soil from the truck bringing such material to the premises is deposited on any public street and not immediately cleaned off;
   (f)    The premises as are covered or filled by such dirt, soil or ground are not at least once a year, in September or May, resurfaced and seeded with grass seed to the satisfaction of the Inspector so as to provide a complete sod covering; or
   (g)    Fill is above the grade of adjacent property.
   In the event any permit holder allows any of the conditions set forth in subsections (a) through (g) hereof, to exist, after written notice to terminate such condition has been given, the City through its Inspector of Buildings, shall enter upon the premises and abate such conditions and charge the permit holder's guarantee fund. The balance, if any, shall then be refunded to such owner with the revocation of the permit.
(Ord. 1963-22. Passed 6-19-63.)