(a)    Applicants for a license to engage in or work at the trades, businesses, crafts or professions set forth in this chapter shall make application at the office of the Inspector of Buildings, on forms prescribed by the Inspector of Buildings. Each application for a license shall contain the name of the person applying, the location of his or her place of business, whether such applicant is duly authorized to act for such firm, copartnership, corporation, association, or any combination thereof, as well as such further information as the Inspector of Buildings prescribes.
   (b)    Such application shall be granted if the Inspector of Buildings finds that the applicant is qualified to perform the work for which the application for license is submitted. Evidence that the applicant is currently licensed by the Ohio Department of Commerce shall be sufficient evidence of qualification to authorize the issuance of a license.
   (c)    Evidence of repeated violations of this Building Code or other ordinances of the City shall be sufficient evidence to deny the issuance of a license. Any applicant to whom a license has been denied by the Inspector of Buildings may appeal such decision to the City Planning Commission, whose decision shall be final.
(Ord. 2006-04.  Passed 3-15-06.)