(a)    Permitted Uses. The following uses are permitted in a Class U-2 Public Buildings District pursuant to an approved site development plan pursuant to Chapter 1275 :
      (1)   Public or private day schools.
      (2)   Libraries.
      (3)   Places of worship.
      (4)   Clubhouses.
      (5)   Community centers.
      (6)   City of Pepper Pike Municipal Facilities.
   (b)   Accessory Uses. Accessory uses as defined in Section 1260.06 (a) may be permitted if authorized and approved by the Planning Commission as part of site development plan approval. When authorized as accessory uses, off-street parking shall conform to the provisions of Chapter 1272 and signs shall conform to the provisions of Chapter 1269 . The Commission may establish standards for other accessory uses, as it deems necessary and appropriate to ensure compliance with the terms of this Zoning Code and to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare.
(Ord. 2020-25. Passed 12-23-20.)