All driveway crossings over open ditches along public streets within the City shall meet the following minimum specifications:
   (a)    The minimum size of all culvert pipe shall be twelve inches in diameter. A larger size shall be required when specified by the City Engineer in order to insure adequate drainage of the street at the particular location.
   (b)    All culvert pipe shall be constructed of cast iron or 16 gauge galvanized corrugated culvert pipe or American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)-76 reinforced concrete culvert pipe.
   (c)    The length of the pipe shall be the width of the driveway apron plus six feet or a minimum length of eighteen feet.
   (d)    The flow line of the culvert shall conform to the existing ditch, but it shall in no case be less than fifteen inches below the elevation of the edge of the road, lowered on the outlet end to insure proper drainage.
   (e)    The centerline of the culvert pipe shall be the centerline of the open ditch.
      (Ord. 1967-7. Passed 2-6-57.)